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How can I quit chewing tobacco?

Q: I am a 35 years old male addicted to tobacco chewing for the last 18 years. I got married two years back and also have a daughter. I tried quitting tobacco but whenever I start to leave, I feel extremely angry, disturbed and very insecure. I feel that I unable to sexually satisfy my wife. My friends have told me that my sexual weakness is due to chewing tobacco. I also suffer from respiratory problems. I sneeze and sweat a lot. Am I suffering from some nervous problem? What should I have to do besides leaving my tobacco habit?

A:Tobacco addiction and dependence in any form is associated with a number of physical and psychological impacts and the same is true for withdrawal/craving when somebody wants to quit consuming tobacco. There is medical help available both in the form of physician/psychiatrist/psychologist who will provide you proper guidance as well as medication to prevent withdrawal symptoms. If you are motivated enough now, it is a good time to seek medical assistance and quit.


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