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How can I prevent my anger?

Q: I am a 26 years old woman. Currently, I am a house wife looking after my sweet little kid. Since the past few months, I get angry very suddenly and that too at silly things. I myself dont know why this is happening? Am I disturbed? I feel my husband is not spending enough time with me. When I say this to him, he shouts at me for me getting angry with him for nothing. I get really angry when he watches TV, sleeps more and when he does not look after the kid. When this happens, after some time, I get a headache and that lasts the whole day. How can I change myself? Am I an exception or are all women like this? I am afraid that my shouting will disturb my 2 years old child. Please suggest.

A:I can see that you are able to analyse that you are getting more angry than usual. There could be many reasons for the increasing anger: increased stress of taking care of the kid (dealing with new situations on a daily basis), a perceived lack of support, burn out with lack of support, monotonous life style etc. I would suggest that the pace of things need to be stabilised first, secondly spend time discussing with your husband and also sharing roles, trying to go for outings / relatives house etc, take time to catch up on adequate rest etc. I am sure these measures would help. However, if you are able to practise these but see no change, it would be worthwhile visiting a psychiatrist or a psychologist.


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