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How can I overcome tension and stress?

Q: I am a 24 years old man who developed TB lymphadenitis last year (not sure if it was because of stress). But I was in a lot of stress that time as I had lost 2.5 lakhs in the share market. I could not sleep properly for a month but after that I was really happy. Then after 7 months, I went overseas but started feeling home sick and came back. TB recurred again this year two months back. Now, I am under stress of both TB and financial loss of 4 lakhs in total. I tried to convince myself many at times but I am still under tension. I cannot get my life back on track. I feel like doing nothing. I do not take interest in any work. I was very talkative earlier but now I hardly speak a word with anybody. I decided that I can cover money in 2 years but feel like a big failure and stopped believing in myself. Please suggest how I can forget everything and start looking at life with a new and happy perspective.

A:You are obviously going through a lot of stress. Stress does sap the energy and leaves one feeling listless. Sometimes, however, in some individuals it can lead to onset of depressive symptoms. The challenge is to identify the symptoms, and proactively seek out help. In your specific case the help is best provided by a clinical psychologist who should be able to discuss your worries, and be able to help you learn certain skills to deal with losses and focus positively on the future. However, when the symptoms become severe enough to prevent undergoing counselling/therapy, it becomes necessary to take specific treatment with medications from a psychiatrist for an adequate period and in an adequate dosage. Life is about dealing with stresses positively and rising up to the challenge rather than losing hope and direction.


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