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How can I overcome my habit of staring at people?

Q: I am 28 years old, married and have two kids. The problem is I stare at people very often especially the opposite sex. In case someone looks at me curiously, I become equally curious and start staring. But it is really not intentional. This has got me into unnecessary problems. Am I normal? Although my relationship with my husband is not very smooth, we still love each other and care for each other and are happily living together but now I have become restless and my mind is wavering.

A:Let us not pathologise things firstly. Yes, there are many people who stare and many who stare back and most of the times it is just normal. I know it is very much against 'our' culture for a lady to be staring or even staring back. But, how much pathological it is to be called a problem or illness. I suggest you need to start focusing your gaze on things rather than people and make an active effort to remove your gaze from people to other objects. Besides, if you make eye to eye contact do not hesitate to have a slight smile on your face. Besides, you need to probably work into making more friends, spending time with them , improve relationship with you hubby, engage yourself into meaningful reasonable activity according to your interests and start enjoying life as a whole. Remember, marriage is an institution and each one needs to keep on working on it to make it successful. It is normal for mind to waver, but it is rational to organise it and focus on positives. 'A car without brakes crashes'.


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