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How can I overcome my depression?

Q: I am a 20 years old male student unable to concentrate on anything. I think about every possible adverse condition that may happen if I don’t concentrate on my studies. I had a girlfriend who died in a car accident and without her my life seems impossible to me. Now I feel like I am living without any reason. I have studied a lot of motivational books. Once I ran away alone too as my friends never helped me at the time of need while I was always ready for them. Sometimes I think of committing suicide but I get scared. During some seasons I feel intense sadness like everything has come to an end, hopelessness, worthlessness, etc. and it continues for months and sometimes ends in a day. Somebody has told me that I have dysthymia. I am morbid. As people always play politics so I spend my time alone since she has left me. I want to be something in life. Nobody is here to listen me. Please help.

A:It is not uncommon for most of us to feel that way after what you went through, however, when we are sad and depressed we tend to think more negatively and focus our attention mostly on things that have not gone well and tend to ignore the good things that you have achieved or have. In any case I would strongly suggest that you should see a psychiatrist as soon as possible so that you can get professional help.


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