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How can I overcome my anxiety and fearful behaviour?

Q: I am a senior level executive. Of late, I have developed a habit of constantly thinking of something or the other. Secondly, I have also become fearful of reactions by others as a result of which I have become slightly timid. I cannot speak assertively when I am supposed to be assertive. An element of compromise has developed in me. Thirdly, if someone talks aggressively or if at all I start reacting in a similar way, I get palpitations and trembling and I feel I shall lose my balance. I am also fearful of something unknown. I know that this is anxiety emotional disturbance and OCD. I am on Sertraline-50 daily. I have a sleep disturbance in the night. If someone argues with me, I cannot react beyond a limit. I also feel scared of the reactions of my wife and daughter and I cannot be assertive with them. I am hypertensive and on Amlopress AT Twice: Telma H once Folvite 5 mg Attorva 10 mg Ecosprin 75 mg. Kindly guide me.

A:It seems you are not only aware of the diagnosis of your condition, but are also receiving medication - it is not clear from whom. Since I have not evaluated you personally, it is not possible for me to suggest a drug treatment regime for you. But I feel that you should also try to receive some behaviour therapy (BT) from a competent behaviour therapist. This is likely to greatly help your condition. Broadly speaking, BT helps you to translate many desirable behaviours into action and helps overcome undue anxiety and fears.


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