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How can I manage my wife's odd behaviour?

Q: My wife and I have been living together for the past 15 years but now she has a problem with everything. She tells my son not to listen to his stupid Arabic terrorist dad and has also stopped him from taking anything to drink from me because I might have poisoned it. My son is only 8 years old and he is my life. He is so attached to me but now he is changing; he is so afraid of his mother. The problem started because I did not get her an expensive diamond ring on our 10th anniversary like her friend got from her husband. She calls my family and me bad names. She has kicked me out of the house and put an order of protection against me. I was doing every thing she wants; take care of the house and bills; I work for 15 hours a day but nothing makes her happy. My main concern is my son because she thinks she is doing the right thing for him but it is going all wrong. Please help.

A:It is difficult to understand why is your wife behaving in the pattern she is? You obviously need to get help, rather you both need to get help together. You both must be in love to get married and remain together for 15 years. You need to communicate with her how difficult is it for you, and jointly go and see a relationship counselor. You need to tell her how you are concerned for your son. If communicating with her does not work, may be talk to her family or your family doctor, getting an experts regular help to amend relationship would work. Family counseling is another way of going forward.


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