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How can I make myself emotionally strong?

Q: How can I be emotionally stable? I am a 29 years old man and am emotionally unstable. Whenever some one shouts at me, my heart beat immediately rises and I start crying. This happens when I am with my parents, my wife and my colleagues. I can’t argue with them even when I know it’s not my fault. Most of the time people take advantage of my condition and they start pushing me. How can I come out of this problem? I want to be emotionally strong like others. This problem makes me weak and at times I feel like moving away to some unknown place, forever. Please help.

A:From what you have written it appears that the problem is of ineffective communication. You seem to have difficulties in asserting yourself in various situations. The inability to express our thoughts and emotions freely in front of others would certainly create a lot of emotional stress. It can be frustrating to see ourselves so powerless and out of control. There are different styles of communication mainly submissive, assertive and aggressive. The most desirable out of the three is assertive behaviour where a person learns to express his thoughts, ideas and opinions without violating the other person’s rights. I would recommend you to seek some professional help in the form of psychotherapy/counselling to enable you to work on your level of self-confidence and become stronger as an individual.


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