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How can I let go of my thoughts?

Q: I am very conscious of staying normal. As a result I make constant efforts like breathing deeply, or letting things go. Yet, I am holding my thoughts and my body. I am rigid and sometimes am holding objects (pen, etc) more tightly than it is needed. For example, if I am lying on something hard, I realise only when it hurts me or leaves some marks on my skin. How can I let of go thoughts and body, psychologically? Please advise.

A:Every one of us is normal - we all vary in some aspects. As long as, you holding your thoughts does not interfere/hurt you in any way - it is fine. When you say your are holding your thoughts - do you mean you are ruminating (thinking about same thing constantly - usually something that you perceive wrong/bad/not good) - if so may be practicing to focus at what you are doing at that moment (such as meditating) might be helpful. If you are working on a project or talking to someone - just focus on that and avoid thinking about past or future issues/things.


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