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How can I help my son overcome severe depression?

Q: My son, age 25 years, is suffering from severe depression and his level of confidence is zero or become negative. He has abandoned his education and just sits at home. He does not want to do anything because he is afraid of committing mistakes. He is regularly being counseled by professional counselors and is also on medical treatment by a consulting psychiatrist. This problem is since 4 years. His weight is 107 kgs which also is a big concern for us. Kindly suggest some remedial measures which will give us some solace and help him come out of his present state of depression?

A:For management of depression, along with medications, taking a cognitive behavioural therapy would benefit him. Weight is a worry and you need to talk to the psychiatrist regarding it. Is it due to medications, or lifestyle or is there a medical cause to it? If he has not responded to treatment well, then you could consider a second opinion for it. As for family, be supportive, do not push him or lecture him, and do not blame him for this. Support and care would help in motivating him.


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