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How can I help my child accept that he has schizophrenia?

Q: My son has schizophrenia since he was 15 years old and has fought not accepting the illness. He is now 27 and his world couldn't be more upside down than ever. I really don't know what to do for him! I have tried it all, all doctors, all medical facilities, Stanford everything! He is driving my life short, I am never happy about anything due to his choices and never taking charge of his own life and coming to terms and doing what is possible. Please give me an answer to what I can do or not do?

A:Please do remember that schizophrenia is a brain disorder in which many higher mental functions such as decision making, logical thinking and even memory and attention are variably impaired. If your son fell ill at age 15 he really had no chance to go through the experiences that normal people go through and which help them in decision making later on in life. Right now your choices may not be too extensive, but do make full use of whatever facilities you do have. Just because his disability is not visible, does not mean he is any less impaired than say a mentally retarded child.


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