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How can I help my alcoholic husband?

Q: I am 38 years old working woman and a mother of two children, aged 13 and 11. My husband is a rich businessman. Every night he is dead drunk and will have his last meal at 12 PM (he has gas problem every midnight and is unable to sleep soundly) and then he will become a beast and sexually assault me. He will not let me get out of the bed before 9 AM. If I yell and shout, he will not speak to me throughout the day and will not eat anything the whole day. He exploits me emotionally and wants me to surrender to him in every way he wants. He is 42 years old now but behaves like a young boy of 25 and thinks about sex all day long. What should I do? I am feeling very disgusted.

A:I am really sorry to read about your plight. Alcohol is bad for everyone and anyone and especially bad for the innocent bystanders who do not drink. A professional can help if your husband actually wants to stop drinking. Alternately you can seek counseling for yourself from qualified professionals such as a psychiatrist psychologist or even from Self Help groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, as your primary problem is with alcohol and other problems flow from it.


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