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How can I get rid of my addictions?

Q: I am addicted to Spasmo proxyvon and Corex for the last 4-5 years. I have tried really hard to leave the habit but been unsuccessful. I have been able to reduce my daily dose of 6 to 4 tablets per day, though. I have lost weight (from 68 kg to 51 kg now with a height of 170 cms). Now, the problem is that my age is 30 years and my parents are forcing me to get married. They are not aware of my addictions. I don't want to marry. Please tell me how can I talk to my parents about this? They are forcing me and even emotionally blackmailing me.

A:It is of utmost importance for you to understand that addiction is a disease that needs complete medical and psychological management. There is strong physical and psychological dependence associated with opiate addiction that cannot be handled with will - power or motivation alone. The withdrawal symptoms are so unbearable and incapacitating that one falls prey to taking drugs again and again. The best for you is to seek professional help from a doctor who specialises in drug de-addiction treatment, immediately. The problem is only going to get worse if unattended. I am sure it must be very difficult for you to tell your parents about this problem. However, try and see if you can confide in them and help them understand that you want to free yourself from this misery. Explain them that you realise the consequences of what you are into and would want them to help you get well.


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