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How can I get rid of memories of my past relationship?

Q: I am 27 years old and have tried to commit suicide a year ago when I was studying in IIT. I had joined the Ph.D. programme there. I was not at all satisfied with my research work and was planning to join some other institute. But, unfortunately, I fell in love with one of my juniors. For some time I felt relaxed and wanted to continue my Ph.D. there. We had spent some good times with each other and the relation grew upto its limit. We got engaged with each other and also started keeping physical relationship. But after some time she suddenly got engaged to somebody else due to family pressure or something else (which I do not know). I tried my best to keep myself out of her life, but failed. One day I was very depressed and took an excess of Revocon tablets (around 18). I had no intentions of committing suicide. But, suddenly it spread like anything in the whole institute that I have tried to commit suicide. I was hospitalised for nearly a month. Then after around 6 months of this incident, I resigned from the institute. That girl is also no more in that institute. But, still I always remember my past life with her. I want to forget my past life. I usually keep myself busy in studies. But, whenever I get spare time I think about my past. I request you to please suggest what to do?

A:The stress when a relationship does not work, is very human, and at times we tend to get impulsive, and incidents like the one you mentioned happen, and what we did not anticipate happens. The learning is to be in control of life, and try and ensure that one is able to cope up with the situations bot expected and unexpected, and have an ability to anticipate the consequence of our actions what has happened is over, so let it be and move on in your lie, in time this would be off peoples mind also talk to a psychiatrist in your city.


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