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How can I get rid of distractions while studying?

Q: I have great affinity for music. When I try to study or concentrate on any test, my mind is preoccupied by music, it echoes in my mind. I feel suffocated and uneasy due to this. No matter how hard I try to concentrate, I fail every time. Earlier, my mind used to be blocked by emotions and expressions of my near ones, but now it is accompanied by music. I always find myself thinking about others and day dreaming. While attending to a test, I find my mind partly engrossed in questions and partly in thoughts like can my friend do this question or not? I want to get rid of this problem.

A:From what you are describing, it seems as though there are thoughts / doubts / questions that preoccupy your mind. These are simple distractions, for which you have to train your mind to stop thinking certain thoughts repetitively by actually saying stop and refocusing on the task at hand. You have to try this over a period of time. However, if you are unable to do so or feel any degree of anxiety when you try and stop these thoughts, then you may be suffering from a clinical condition that requires psychological treatment. In that case please consult a psychologist who will assess your needs and guide you accordingly.


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