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How can I get rid of alcohol addiction?

Q: I am an alcoholic for the past 5 years. I used to drink a quarter to a half bottle daily and sometimes more in a binge. I am totally disturbed with my habit and have decided to give it up. I am not sober for the past month. I am depressed, have a low self-esteem and lose my temper soon. I have been hospitalised twice. Although I am very hopeful that I will be happy after 2-3 months - I still want to get little - high in the evening. I have no sleeping problem. I have many emotional problems due to alcohol abuse and its after effects. I need some medical help maybe some mood altering medicines. Hope you can suggest me medicines as soon as possible.

A:It is good that you admit you abuse alcohol and want to stop. Your letter is confusing. Are you sober for the past month, or not sober and still drinking? That makes a big difference. If you are still drinking, you should not try to stop completely on your own, you should see a doctor who treats alcoholism. The doctor can decide if it is safe to stop while living at home, or should you be in a hospital for safety when you stop drinking. Suddenly stopping drinking after you have been a heavy drinker every day can be dangerous to your health, without proper medicine. I cannot prescribe the medicine you need by letter; you must go to a doctor. In a few months you will have your good life back.


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