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How can I cope up with trauma due to financial losses?

Q: I had a partnership firm, but my partner duped me with a heavy amount. I faced huge financial losses, which lead to a mental set back. Now I am afraid of people, my future considering finance and my family. I am diabetic and hypertensive. It's been over a year since we disbursed partnership, but I am unable to gather my confidence, business activities, etc. I feel like a loser and keep cursing myself all the time for not being able to earn and lead a successful life. Now I am afraid of leading a practical life. Before meeting my partner, I had good friends, but they left me after the loss. I have no friends, social life or a person to talk to. I am leading a lonely life with mental trauma and disturbance. What should I do? My life is getting worse day by day?

A:It is understandable that such an event would be traumatic for you and like with other traumas I am sure you will get better with time. Since in society the pressure of providing for the family is very high on the male member, the responsibility does result in greater pressure on you. However, at least for a while you could divide the economic burden between you and your partner. Most importantly, it is imperative for you to seek help, for this you can even contact various non-profit organisations, which provide psychological help.


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