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How can I avoid trading in shares and gambling?

Q: I am a 30 years old man who trades in shares and has become addicted to it. Now I have lost my peace of mind because I am facing heavy losses. I think not to do trading but I cannot resist myself from the gambling. I have even left my job for it. What should I do? How can I avoid this?

A:Gambling can indeed lead to harmful consequences financially, socially, emotionally as well as physically. These serious consequences are not limited to the individual and can affect the family and friends too. As you have rightly pointed out it is so difficult to resist. It can be pretty challenging to control gambling and give it up but surely it is not impossible. It does require a huge strength of mind and does require persistence, consistence and preservation. You may decide to start cutting it initially and then stopping it completely. Ways of cutting it would entail - limiting very clearly the time involved, the money involved. For e.g. you may decide that trading in a day would involve only 15 minutes initially and then 10 minutes and then 5 minutes and then nil. Like wise how many shares you tend to invest in can be limited to maybe 100 shares - 1st day, 50 shares the next 2 days, and then 25 shares 3 days and then nil ultimately. You may decide to do the same for the monies involved - obviously the ultimate limit for money should be spending Rs.0/. It would require quite an effort and in the meanwhile you may decide to find other activities to fill the gap, which can be exciting or intensive like a game of cricket or football or going to the gym. Also start looking for a job and get back to meeting friends, family and having a schedule. It is important to identify triggers for yourself and help yourself in coping with these triggers. If you find difficulty do not hesitate visiting a Clinical Psychologist for help.


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