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How can a child be helped deal with parental separation?

Q: My cousin is divorced and has married a second time. Her child is 2.5 years old, living with his maternal grandparents and one aunt who is 26 years old and uncle who is 24 years old. Till now everything was ok but when she left the home to her new house the child has realised that something is wrong and we don't know how to make things normal for him in such a situation although every trick has been tried to put him off the marriage and its consequences. He is disappointed, lonely and insecure. He feel everyone will leave. How can I help him?

A:Both the mother and the new father should keep in regular touch with the child. Also existing caregivers should try and bring some new experience to him every day - like going out for a walk, introducing new friends, perhaps even a play school. I doubt if the child knows that everyone is going to leave. If the grandparents and existing family members keep him busy and happy, and the mother also keeps coming and going the separation will be easier to bear.


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