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Has Pap smear resulted in body ache and fever?

Q: I am a 30 years old female. I had a vaginal hysterectomy two years back due to endometriosis. My doctor told me that I still need to have a pap smear test done once a year. After Pap smear, I started having body ache, low grade fever and cramps in my pelvic area. I called him and he diagnosed me over the phone with urinary tract infection (UTI). Then I went to another doctor. He gave me danazol and told me that if the pain does not get better in 3-4 months, he will have to perform a surgery. I am scared. Did my doctor do the Pap smear wrongly?

A:A Pap smear once a year is required for women who have a pre-neoplastic lesion on cervix before surgery and also for cancer cervix. Otherwise it is not required. A simple Pap test should not cause any problems like fever, pelvic cramps. If your condition is definitely endometriosis ideally the ovaries should have been removed. Yes relief with danazol for 3 months suggests the likely diagnosis to be endometriosis.


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