Q: I am 22 year old male suffering from haemophobia. I fear seeing blood, not ordinarily, but caused due to severe injuries like accidents, or seen in films. After the incident, I think that has happened to me and faint. Please help me in this regard, my life is turning into a hell. I cannot concentrate on daily activities, please provide me a treatment.

A:Your distress is understandable. However, the best way to deal with your problem is to sort it out and you have already taken the first step through this query. I feel you may be suffering from a type of anxiety disorder but to diagnose you correctly detailed information about you and your problem is required. For example, at what age, where and under what circumstances did it begin; how long have you been suffering with this; your mood, thoughts, associated anxiety symptoms, if any, etc. It is important to know your nature and the kind of life you are leading, your aspirations, relationship and any stesses. Your past including details of your childhood are very important to know. I think the best course of action would be to consult your nearest Psychiatrist for a detailed assessment and proper treatment.


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