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front teeth broken

Q: Three years back my front teeth (one) has broken then after I fix up one teeth i.e, removable which I am removing in nights and in the morning I fixing it after brushing. If I want to fix up my single teeth with permanently what are the methods are there and how much it will cost. After permanent fixing have any inconvenience or any other trouble can I face. Please tell me for fixing of permanent how many methods are there and which is the best method you can suggest. I contacted here in Nagda near Ujjain but the Dentist told me that first my side two teeths should be sharpened then they put two sides two round rolls (V-shape) then they fix up the teech. This method is OK. Please advice and give a suitable suggestion.

A:Front missing tooth is usually replaced with a Fixed PartialDenture(Bridge) where the neighbouring teeth are prepared to receive thecaps and to these caps the missing tooth is also attached. This technique isquite expensive especially if you go for ceramic bonded to metal one. A threeunit bridge replacing a single missing tooth may cost some thing like 7500to 15000 rupees. One could also go in for implant to support the missingtooth where adjoining teeth are not reduced and it involves surgicalplacement of implant to support the cap of tooth and may take 4-6 months forhealing of implant and may cost 25000-40000 rupees at a good centre.


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