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Eyes - Nystagmus

Q: My Father is suffering from Ocular Nystagmus. I would like to know more about this disease and its implications. And most importantly, can it be cured. Please answer this question, so that something can be done for its treatment.

A:Nystagmus is involuntary (i.e. not under your control) movements of the eye balls. Nystagmus is of various types and may be present from birth. Your father I presume has Nystagmus since early childhood & vision may be less due to it. Ocular Nystagmus may be due to gross retinal dysfunction in both eyes before the age of 1 year. Surgery for Nystagmus is done only to correct Head posture. Kindly show your father to an Eye Surgeon who will tell you whether something can be done for the type of Nystagmus he has or not.
The other types of Nystagmus are:-
(e)Optokinetic (one which is artificially induced)


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