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Emotions - examination stress

Q: How do I avoid exam stress?

A:There is no better way to avoid stress than to manage your time efficiently, especially during examinations. Divide your day to suit your study schedule so that all subjects are given equal importance and there is not much left for the end. Take a short break everytime you feel tired of studying since it is much more stressful to not be able to study with the books open in front of you than to resume studying once you are fresh.
Different people have different techniques of studying. If you feel better sitting alone in a quiet room, it is better to make a study environment like that. Some people also find it easier to study with light music in the background. Devise a technique that suits you best.
Maintain regular and healthy eating and sleeping patterns during exams. Adequate rest is of paramount importance since it helps you focus better on the job at hand. In the end, be confident of your abilities and you are bound to do well. All the best!


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