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Emotions - depression

Q: I am great at my job and keep a rough attitude when leading a team and at the same time I am soft and emphatetic. However, whenever there is a situation where I am condemned by jealous collegues or just say anything bad, I feel sad (at office they are not aware I act brave) but at home I am very depressed and worry about almost everything at home. This is breaking up my marriage. Please help.

A:You are carrying over emotions from your workplace to your home. Since you realize the negative impact of this on your married life, you can try to ease this impact. First of all, learn to be yourself instead of trying to live up to a false image. These days it is acceptable to be soft and humane instead of a cruel, objective, ruthless worker. You say yourself that you act brave. This acting obviously puts a strain on you, which gets displaced into your home life. You may be surprised to find yourself not just a more popular colleague but also a happier and more productive worker. Secondly, learn assertiveness, which means expressing yourself without being aggressive or rude. Thirdly, learn stress management techniques such as deep breathing, yoga and meditation. Bring some humour and recreation into your life. Lastly, share your concerns with your spouse. Ask for help and use it as an opportunity to come closer to each other.


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