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eat raw unboiled rice

Q: I am 19yrs old.I have been suffering from a peculiar problem. I get the temptation to eat raw unboiled rice quite often.this has been going on for about 5yrs.Could this be because of some emotional problem that i may be suffering from?OR am i eating it just because i like the taste of it?Is there a cure for this?If so please suggest it.

A:Your problem is definitely peculiar. However, lets not jump to conclusion and label it a symptom of any mental disorder at this point of time.This can be a part of other habit complexes like nail biting, anxieties, nervousness, sadness, depression, binge eating, binges of overspending, pathological gambling etc.I would now suggest you to briefly elaborate on your habit like how did it start, what is your mood pattern, any family stressors, effect of this habit on your personnel & professional, academic and interpersonal spheres.Some of these early influences and also ongoing life events can aggravate certain coping mechanisms, even if, they are peculiar habits. Looking forward to your thoughtful reply on my suggestions.


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