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Does taking Pro-banthine lead to any adverse effects?

Q: I was suffering from hyperhidrosis and my doctor advised me to take Pro-banthine. It worked excellently so far. But the problem is that I am taking on an average 6-7 Pro-banthine everyday. Is it harmful for my health? Are there any alternative drugs as effective as Pro-banthine, because Pro-banthine is not always available in most medical stores?

A:Pro-Banthine is the brand name. The name of the medicine is propantheline. In hyperhidrosis, it can be taken up to 120mg daily i.e. 8 tablets of 15mg each. However one should take the minimal medication required to control symptoms. By and large, it is relatively a safe medicine with few side effects which go away once the medicine is stopped. Alternative therapies are more complex, much more costly with many more side effects.


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