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Does my wife have some psychological problem?

Q: I am a bit worried about my wife's behaviour who is 27 years old. If she sees someone fighting or quarreling, she starts complaining that she is getting horrified, her heart starts beating fast and then she starts going to the bathroom after every 30 min. Secondly, at times when there is any argument leading to a fight between us, she gets very angry and starts shouting, hitting me and then starts crying. I have also seen during the time of her agressiveness, if she sees that she not able to overcome it then she starts threatening that she will spoil my life. After few hours she gets normal as if nothing has happened. I am really worried and want to ask whether she is going through some psychological problem which needs to be taken care of or she needs some counseling? Please advise and if it so, kindly give some reference at Delhi so that we can meet the counsellor?

A:It looks like your wife becomes anxious and emotionally overeacts to various happenings in her life-sometimes with great anxiety (palpitations etc) and sometimes with emotional overreaction (when you quarrel). Perhaps she does not realize the impact of her behaviour on you, or that it makes you very worried about her. You should explain your own concerns about her frankly and coolly. Thereafter, if she agrees, you should both consult a psychiatrist for a diagnosis of her condition, and then if necessary, go for psychotherapy or behaviour therapy as the doctor advises.


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