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Does hip pain signify an ectopic pregnancy?

Q: I am a 19 years old female into my sixth week of pregnancy. I am having sharp pains in my left side close to my hip. I also have a dull ache between pains and they increase when I am active. I think I can feel a hard lump and it feels to be about three centimetres in length. Could this be an ectopic pregnancy? I understand that the fallopian tubes are 1-3mm in width and I want to know how far they can stretch out during an ectopic.

A:If the period is missed and pain is present, you need to have a vaginal scan to see any pregnancy inside or outside the uterus, also get a urine pregnancy test done. Most cases are diagnosed by these, but some may need a laparoscopy. If the pregnancy is in the tube, it may be ruptured or intact. Still but in the tube. In most cases surgery is the treatment- laparoscopy for the unruptured and open surgery in ruptured ones. If this is a precious baby, or conceived after problems, and you may want another try, sometimes medical treatment is done in unruptured ectopics for which you need get hospitalised.


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