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Does extraction of teeth for braces or clips have any side effects?

Q: My daughter is 18 years old. Her front teeth are projecting slightly. We feel clips give her a better look. We consulted a dentist who advised us that as there is no gap between the teeth, two teeth from the upper jaw and two teeth from the lower jaw will have to be removed to fix the clip. Then we consulted our family doctor who advised that as the nerves of the teeth are interconnected with various organs like eye, ear, brain, etc., it is not advisable to remove the healthy teeth. It may carry over to digestive and other problems later. He told us if the cheeks become chubby the face will look better. Now we are in a confused state. As health is more important than beauty, kindly advise us correctly.

A:Extraction of premolar teeth for orthodontic treatment (clips or braces) is done routinely and DOES NOT have any side effect whatsoever on any other part of the body. However, there are some cases where the protrusion is slight and extraction of teeth may not be required. Kindly consult an ORTHODONTIST for your daughters treatment.


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