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Does Duphaston help in conceiving?

Q: I have been advised to use Duphaston for 3 menstrual cycles for conceiving. In the very first cycle I gained 3 kg. My doctor says that my weight gain is due to this tablet and it will automatically return to normal once I stop taking it. Please advise if it is possible to control weight while continuing the medicine? Secondly should I take this medicine for the next two cycles also?

A:Duphaston is the brand name of a medicine called dydrogesterone - a member of progesterone hormone group. It is indicated only if there is infertility due to inadequate luteal phase. Its side effects include retention of water in the body (oedema) and weight gain. A large weight gain is counterproductive to conceiving. If indeed you are suffering from luteal phase inadequacy, you can try another member of the progestogens such as allyloestrenol (Maintane tablets). Sometimes one member of the same group of drugs produces side effects, which others do not. Besides allyloestrenol has pronounced progestational activity and no other activity while dydrogesterone has progestational activity with slight oestrogenic activity. You need only progestational activity.


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