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Does dental filling create foul smell in the mouth?

Q: I am 30 years old male. For the last several months I have been suffering from sensitiveness of my teeth. When I take any sour materials my teeth become too sensitive to eat anything and it is very difficult to brush the next day. And there is some gap in my rear teeth which holds the food particles and I feel very difficult to remove those food particles from that rear teeth. I have seen a dentist recently and he told that abrasion has taken place on almost all teeth and it needs urgently to be filled with ceramic filling material. I request you to advise me whether the ceramic filling is beneficial to my problem or is any other method is available. I have read that ceramic filling is carried out, that creates and emanates foul smell from mouth. Is it so?

A:Abrasive cavities in the teeth can cause sensitivity and needs to be filled up with composite light cure fillings and not ceramic fillings. These fillings do not give any foul smell.


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