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Does cylindrical eye power increase with age?

Q: My five years old daughter was squeezing her eyes for the last one week. On examination, she is found to have a cylindrical power of minus 1D (right eye) and minus 3D (left eye). The doctor told us that this would increase with age. Is it true? How can we prevent it from increasing? Will constant use of spectacles help? What should be her TV / computer usage in a day?

A:Cylindrical powers occur primarily due to the shape of the front surface of the eye (Cornea)-instead of being round, the surface is ‘egg’ shaped.

Generally speaking, cylindrical power tends to be quite stable, and only rarely increase in certain disease conditions of the cornea. Spherical, especially myopia on the other hand, is known to increase with age/growth.Wearing the glasses will help the child see clearly and stop squeezing her eyes.

TV and computer in moderation are acceptable and 30-60 minutes a day is good enough at this age.


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