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Do I need to take metformin for irregular periods?

Q: I got married 4 years back and we do not have any children yet. I used to get periods regularly till four months back but then started missing them. We consulted a gynaecologist and had a transvaginal (ultrasound scanning of pelvis) done and there was no issue. The doctor prescribed Tab Meperate 10 mg for 10 days. the periods came after that. After this the doctor prescribed the following drugs: Glycomet 1000 mg (Metformin slow release) and Cabergolin 0.5 mg once a week. After starting these I have faced a lot of side effects and hence discontinued the medicine after one week. One of our family doctors said that Glycomet is used for type II Diabetes. Is this true? I have infective leucorrhoea for the last 7 years. I have applied Candid-V6 and ClinsUp V and taken Flucanazole 150 mg and Candid ointment too. I also have urinary infections quite frequently. I have not taken any other medicine and I do not have any other disease.

A:Metformin is frequently prescribed for women with PCOS and infertility who demonstrate insulin resistance. Dosage prescribed is alright. Generally the common side effect with metformin is abdominal cramps. You could try 500 mg twice a day (not slow release); I have seen some patients feeling better with this dosage, though the slow release one ensures a constant blood level over 24 hours, and is easy to take. Usually cabergoline is well tolerated. I presume some hormonal tests have been done to document that you do need these medicines. You should check with your gynaecologist. Also, I strongly feel you should inform your gynaecologist about the side effects; unless you do that, how will she know whether or not she needs to change the drug/dosage? This is a mistake most patients make, and end up getting confused with the treatment prescribed by more than one doctor.


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