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Do I need psychiatric help?

Q: For the last three-four days I have been feeling different. At night, I feel my hands are shaking and I feel suffocated. I feel like I cannot handle this situation and have to end my life. The other day when I was coming from my office, I felt like coming under a bus and ending my life. Actually I am very upset with my family too. My father doesn't understand me. He often comes home late at night, drunk, and then abuses and scolds me. I am very afraid of him. What do I do?

A:It is imperative that you seek professional help from a trained counsellor or clinical psychologist. Especially since this urge to harm yourself has lasted for long. There could have been one specific incident that has triggered these feelings and the lack of support that you feel may go a long way in sustaining these feelings. For now please focus on positive things in your life and in your relationship with your parents. Also attempt to find solutions, maybe you could live separately from your parents. If you don't enjoy your job you could also focus on finding a field that suits your interest better. A trained professional will help you deal with these problems effectively and also help you find a sustainable solution or develop your coping mechanisms. Since your father doesn't seem to have a problem, it will be difficult to get him to change, you must realise this. So for a long term solution you should seek help.


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