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Do I have stress induced diabetes?

Q: Two years back, due to tensions I developed diabetes with a fasting reading of 260 and PP 450. Then I was prescribed Rosicon tablets for 10 days with which the readings came to normal levels: Fasting 100 and PP 130. Except that 10 days for all these two years I was not prescribed any medicine and I was told that my diabetic problem is stress induced diabetes and I need not worry. I was prescribed Melcovit and Ecosprin-75mg which I am continuing till date. By God's grace I am perfect in all respects and eat a general diet (not maintaining any diet control) as was earlier and checking my BS quite often which has been showing FP 116 and PP 135 till date and doing morning brisk walk everyday. I request you to kindly advise: Whether I am a real diabetic? If so, why are my BS levels not normal when I am taking diet (including restricted items to diabetes)? What was Ecosprin-75 mg prescribed for and how long do I have to use it?

A:It is apparent that you suffered an episode of stress-induced hyperglycaemia (glucose intolerance) not amounting to diabetes mellitus. However you may be prone to development of diabetes due to genetic and/or environmental factors since your FBS is still on the higher side. The definitive diagnosis can be made by Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) after consuming 75g of pure glucose and measuring blood glucose levels at 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes. As of date you are not suffering from overt diabetes. Except for control over sugar (including sugar items such as sugar cane juice) and keeping up with brisk walk (no less than 4.5 km in no more than 45 minutes) at least five days a week, not much needs to be done. Unless you have some cardiovascular problem and/or are above the age of 60, taking aspirin (Ecosprin) is not indicated. It is given to make the blood thin. Just to be cautious, you can check the FBS twice a year. Never heard of Melcovit (is it Macalvit?). In any case vitamin supplements should only be taken if there is documented deficiency.


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