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Do I have some sort of a mood disorder?

Q: I get thoughts about who I am and what I am and cannot recognise myself in the mirror. I cannot recognise things and people around me. I go into a mood where I cannot figure out who I am and I just do and say what I would have done and said if I were not in that mood. What do I do? Is it wrong to have a boyfriend? I know I will not kiss him or anything but is it wrong to hold hands and stuff? Please help.

A:What you have written here could be suggestive of an underlying depressive illness but I would like to exclude a neurological disorder as well. My recommendation is for you to take a psychiatric consultation immediately so that a diagnosis can be arrived at and appropriate management initiated, be it medication, psychotherapy or a combination thereof. No, none of this is at all WRONG!!! All you need is to retain your good sense and not do anything that you are not ready for.


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