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Do blood clots in the placenta cause any harm to the fetus?

Q: Do blood clots in the placenta cause any deformity in the fetus during pregnancy? What are the causes of blood clotting during pregnancy? How can we avoid this in the next pregnancy? What safety measures can be taken?

A:A huge blood clot can lead to placental insufficiency and growth restriction of baby and even death of the fetus (baby) at times. Tiny blood clots can also cause placental insufficiency and growth restriction. As such they do not result in fetal malformations. There are many causes of small blood clots in placental vessels, resulting in placental insufficiency. The commoner ones are pregnancy-induced hypertension, essential hypertension, diabetes mellitus and antiphospholipid antibody syndrome in the mother. These have to be ruled out, and treated, if present. Precautions for next pregnancy- rule out these medical disorders, and get treated before attempting next pregnancy, and good antenatal care to detect PIH early.


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