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Did rubella cause Edward syndrome in my baby?

Q: I am a 23 years old female. I wasn't immune to rubella during my first pregnancy but have taken vaccination against it now. I lost my first baby due to Edward syndrome when he was just one month old. Did my baby get this because I wasn't vaccinated against rubella? What are its chances in my second pregnancy?

A:Edward syndrome is due to trisomy 18 and the risk in repeat pregnancy is only 1-2%. The syndrome produces a recognisable constellation of both minor and major congenital abnormalities. But you need to undergo level 11 ultrasound scanning and maybe, amniocentesis to confirm that it is normal. Rubella is an infection and the two are different conditions. If you have already taken vaccination against rubella, chances are almost nil. You will need to consult a genetist, as well as an obstetrician before planning next pregnancy.


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