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Diabetes since childhood

Q: I have been engaged to a doctor girl (age 27), recently came to know that she had diabetes (insulin dependent) from last 17 years (childhood). She herself is a doctor and takes good care of herself and has very controlled diabetes without complications at present. My questions are:
1. What type of problems can arise in life if somebody has insulin dependent diabetes for so long? Can the body stop reacting to insulin or become insulin resistant? She at present uses insulin pump.
2. If one is insulin dependent, then does that mean life span would be restricted to few countable/predicatble years, as already she is having it for past 17 yrs.
3. Can a properly controlled diabetic live a healthy and normal life as any normal individual?
4. Can it be a restriction on physical relations of a married couple; what are the chances of children of such a couple having diabetes?
5. Are the probable complications due to arise at older age even if diabetes is controlled in a very discplined manner as she herself is a doctor and takes regular advice.

A:Your fiance has type 1 diabetes and will have to remain on insulin life long.
1. With good control of blood sugar - no major complications may arise if regular assessment is done. The body cant stop reacting to insulin though dose may increase.
2 & 3. Life span and quality of life is normal in well controlled diabetics. 4. There is no restriction on physical relations in diabete mellitus. In type 1 i.e insulin dependant diabetes, chances of children having DM are remote. 5. Long term complications like - heart problems, eye problems, nerve problems, infections, etc. do occur but such problems occur in non-diabetics also.
Diabetes is no contraindicative for marriage.


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