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Depression - heritability

Q: I have a feeling the veins in my mind have enlarged due to internal pressure. I have a constant pain on the top portion of my head. I cannot read anything for more than five to ten sentences or five muinutes and there is no concentration. When I am angry I get a headache and my anger is uncontrollable. But when I calm down I repent my behaviour. I have been treated previously for depression. I am suffering from this for the last five years. I have got married recently, will my child have the adverse effect of this?

A:The nature of headache you describe is not uncommon, as part of depresion or migrane. The inability to concentrate is aslo quite common as part of depression. If you ahve taken treatemnt earlier for depression, it will be best to continue with the same psychiatrist. Although there is some genetic basis for depression, it is not necesary to be worried about the possible impact of your depression on your future children. In any case, your psychiatrist will be best placed to clarify your doubts on this and other issues.


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