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curious about women

Q: I am working in a big firm. One of my colleague, a good friend who does not know much about women had suddenly become very curious about the body of women, even though he visits different sites on internet & watches nude women, he says he enjoyed it. I dont still understand how he enjoys that. One day when I went to one of the file rooms, he came there & asked me how a womans body is. I asked him what he wanted to know, he told me only to feel as he is my good friend, I allowed him to touch. Next time again he came there & told me he wanted to see my body & wanted to touch it. I dont know how he convinced me & I did as he asked. But again one day when it was raining heavily, he again did the same thing. Now I want to know what is that he enjoys - the whole thing or is he is having some problem? Should he get married? I want to help him. Please give suggestions how to help him. Whether it is fine to everytime fulfill his request.

A:I must congratulate you on your generosity and tendencies to go an extra mile out of the way to help your dear friend. However, you have not helped your friend in any way besides letting him have the feast to his eyes and perverse habit, hence reinforcing his behaviour. Are we living in the era of Tarzans?? More than getting him married, it would do good if you could show him to a psychiatrist / psychologist and get him properly assessed for some psychological problem and treated adequately. At the same time it would be good for you to keep a safe distance and save your dignity and other complications. But if you have involved yourself with vested interest, then just pray!!


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