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Can you please suggest a non-steroidal nasal spray?

Q: I am three months pregnant. I have allergic rhinitis allergy as a result I have a running and blocked nose. I breathe through my mouth at night which leads to dryness of the mouth and disturbance in sleep. I used to take nasal spray flixonase but after I got pregnant I stopped using it. When I consulted my doctor, she said that I can use a nasal spray which does not contain steroids. The chemist is not able to help me with the spray. Can you suggest some nasal spray which does not have steroids and is safe during pregnancy?

A:Flixonase is the trade name; the name of the medicine is fluticasone - a steroid. Steroids taken for local nasal use are not prohibited in pregnancy, though one should not use any medicine for prolonged therapy including steroids. For allergic rhinitis, there are quite a few non-steroidal medicines such as levocabastine (Trade name: Livostin), azelastine (Trade name: Rhinolast), ipratropium (Trade name: Rinatec), sodium cromoglycate (Trade name: Rynacrom; used for prevention rather than acute attack). Trade names can differ from country to country.


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