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Can Penidure injection be substituted by Pentid-400 tablets?

Q: I am a 16 years old female suffering from breathing problems. The doctor has prescribed Penidure injections every 21 days. This is very painful. Can Penidure injection be substituted by Pentid-400 tablets? Is there any other better tablet substitute of Penidure injection?

A:I am afraid it is very difficult to reply to your questions since the information is inadequate and your medicines are for different disorders. The breathing problem would need to be diagnosed - is it due to bronchospasm of the lungs or inadequate heart pumping. The indications for various medicines are as follows: Combitide (salmeterol + fluticasone) inhaler is for asthma. Ketasma (ketotifen) is for prevention of attack of asthma. Omez (omeprazole) is for acidity. Penidure LA is a long acting penicillin that is given for prevention of rheumatic heart disease. Azithral is azithromycin, an antibiotic. It is not possible to replace Penidure injectable with Pentids. Pentids have a very poor absorption and furthermore have to be taken daily that will cause more problems and serve no purpose. Please let us know the diagnosis made by your doctor so that we can reply to your questions.


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