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Can medicines for depression boost one's intelligence?

Q: I was undergoing a treatment for depression from the past 2 years. But I was not taking my medicines properly. I used to stop taking them and start again after a an interval. My mind became so sharp that I couldn't control myself and it ran at great speed. My MRI test report was OK. Now I have completed my regular MCA course on time. But due to that sharpness under control, I got the best programmer award. I was taking Oliment 10 mg earlier to slow down my brain but stopped. The doctor thinks that I am under control now. My current medicines are Developro 500 mg (evening) Develpor (250 mg) and Evion 200 (morning) to make my mind more stable. I am very ambitious but sometimes in a dilemma. Has my intelligence become low after taking this medicine? I want to achieve something big in life. Do medicines like Oliment, Developro have side effect with respect to intelligence? Please suggest a medicine to achieve a good level of intelligence. I feel guilty about wasting my time when I did it deliberately. I want to stop these medications as soon as possible as they lower my self-esteem. Is my condition fully curable?

A:You suffer from a mood disorder, it appears. This characteristic fast thinking is due to the illness and initially makes a person feel very good, confident and efficient but if you stop taking medicine prescribed to you will soon deteriorate and be harmful to you. The medicine does not affect the intelligence but the illness can affect you such that you may not use your intelligence constructively. This in fact can erode your confidence and self esteem. Oliment slows down the abnormally fast brain which if not checked goes out of your control causing serious complications in life. The best way to enhance your self esteem is to control your illness by medicines prescribed to you because they correct the chemical imbalance in the brain of substances controlling our mood thinking and behaviour and be as productive in life as you can.


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