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Can I take Primolut-N to postpone my periods?

Q: I am a 36 years old woman and planning for a baby. I am on a 26-day cycle. But my urine pregnancy test showed negative on the 29th-day. Since there was a get-together in my family, I was forced to take Primolut N for 3 days just to be sure. Will this affect the baby, if am pregnant? If I repeat the pregnancy test next day, while I am on Primolut N, will the results be skewed? How long should I wait before I repeat the test? I will be on Primolut N for the next 3 days. Will Primolut N induce periods once I stop taking the same even if I am pregnant? Please advise.

A:Primolut-N will not affect the pregnancy test. You can repeat the urine pregnancy test (ultrasensitive test) after 3 days to check whether or not you are pregnant. I do not recommend Primolut-N for postponement of menses if you have been planning for a pregnancy. I recommend pure progesterone tablets or Duphaston. However, I guess you would have already started Primout- N by now; if you do test positive, these few tablets over 3 days should not cause harm to the baby.


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