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Can I smoke to increase the hours of studying?

Q: I am a 22-year-old student, preparing for medical entrance examinations. For the past two years I used to study 10-12 hours per day. Now I want to increase it by studying 18 hours per day. I have to do this under any circumstance as I have to complete the syllabus in time. Can I take stimulants like cigarettes once or twice a week? Can I use it till I attain my study frequency and become habituated to study up to 18 hours per day? Is there any other alternative, which can increase my study frequency?

A:I would strongly discourage you from using any artificial memory aids. The data is that they really do not make a difference and in fact may, in the long term, be detrimental. Please note that spending longer hours studying and reading does not necessarily mean you are learning more. It is important that you sleep adequately and exercise regularly. Unfortunately there is no quick fix to more effective learning.


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