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Can I ride a bike wearing contact lenses?

Q: Can I ride a bike wearing contact lenses? Wont the dust particles enter my eyes if I do this? Can the lenses be continuously worn for more than 12 hours? Is laser treatment for eyes harmful?

A:If you wear contact lenses you can invest in a pair of reliable sun-glasses that can protect your eyes. A whole variety of sun-glasses are available in various shapes and sizes. Something that wraps around the sides of the face to protect the eyes would be suitable. Contact lenses can be worn safely for 6 hours or longer. There are individual variations to how long each person can tolerate them. However contact lens hygiene is more important for a safety of the eyes. A reliable brand of a contact lenses from a qualified contact lens practitioner along with a regular routine of lens care hygiene would be a good idea. Excimer laser treatment for the eyes in the form of LASIK or epi- LASIK is a safe option to glasses and contact lenses after undergoing a detailed pre-LASIK work up including a detailed eye examination and suitability testing at a reputed centre with a qualified ophthalmologist.


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