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Can I conceive despite of having Nnabothian cysts in the cervix?

Q: I am a 32 years old female, married for three years. I had a miscarriage at six months of pregnancy two years back. I want to conceive but I have hypothyroidism (TSH = 8.2). My fasting blood sugar = 96 and PP = 126. I had a D&C two months back before which I was diagnosed with Nabothian cysts in the cervix. Please advise on further course of action so that I may conceive.

A:Nabothian cysts are benign mucus-filled lumps on the surface of the cervix, and no treatment is necessary as they do not cause any problems. Continue the hypothyroid treatment. Take folic acid supplement for three to six months. Plan the next pregnancy after getting a few investigations like blood group, urine culture, VDRL and an ultrasound scan to make sure there are no uterine defects, like an open cervix, or fibroids or any other problem. Also get a TORCH test done. Second trimester abortions are less common and the cause needs to be found and treated before planning the next pregnancy so that corrective action can be taken. The chance of a repeat miscarriage is no doubt higher in the next pregnancy, but with proper treatment, rest, family support, and regular care in pregnancy, the successful result is higher than 90%.


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