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Can hormones during pregnancy affect the baby?

Q: My wife has a history of miscarriage with the last miscarriage a year ago. Almost after 6 months she had conceived again. Our doctor told us to use progestorone for the first two months (vaginally) and then told us to use Gestin tablets through out the pregnancy till she delivers the baby. As hormone supplements are being given externally, is it going to affect my wifes hormone balance after the delivery and cause any kind of problems? I am asking this because recently I read in a medical journal that any kind of hormone supplement from out side will supress natural hormone production in the body. Shall we continue taking Gestin tablets (twice a day) or not? Our doctor is saying if you stop it now, it will affect the baby's growth. If the baby inside is male then can excess hormone tablets cause any problems to his health and hormone balance? Right now the babys position is still legs down (breech baby) even though my wifes gestational age is 7 months and 10 days. What could be the reason? Is it because we are using those hormone tablets, because of which baby is not active enough? What are the chances of a change in the position of the baby?

A:The hormones your wife is taking will not effect her hormone status after pregnancy. Gestin or any progestational agent is not required at this stage of pregnancy and the babies growth should not be affected by stopping these tablets. Male child is not affected by these tablets, it is the female child which could be adversely affected in terms of becoming a little more masculine and robust at birth. Breech position of the baby is not due to the hormones she is taking. This position can change till the last day of pregnancy and the only thing to fear is there is an increase chance of caesarean delivery with breech persisting at term.


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